Why Christian Education?

Can education ever be neutral? Our school pioneers believed all schools teach children their own particular values, view of the world and the role they believe students should play in it. We still believe this. Christian schools seek to educate in a way where the faith and worldview of the Christian family are reinforced—not undermined.

Before any school can start teaching they must first decide what is important. This forms the basis of all education. As a society we teach students what we believe is important for them to know. What we decide is important is actually determined by what we believe.

Christians believe the world belongs to God. He has a plan for it and for all who live in it. Christian education is not about avoiding the world. Rather it seeks to engage with the culture and prepare students for lives that reflect, serve and honour God. It is about acknowledging God in every subject area; indeed, in every area of life.

Proverbs 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”

How is Christian Education Different?

A Christian education seeks to lead students in a discovery of the world that allows them to comprehend the wonderful way that God made and sustains everything. It encourages them to discover the amazing potential that each of them has for fulfilled and productive living if they base their decisions and actions upon a commitment to Jesus Christ and his way of doing things.

Basic Christian values and principles—including compassion and mercy, concern for integrity and justice, courage to pursue what is good and resist what is harmful, and commitment to service for the benefit of others—are fundamental to a true Christian or Christ-centred education.

Christian Parent Controlled Schools provide an education which is supportive and complementary to parents in encouraging Christian values and character in their children. The Christian School seeks to reinforce the training received in the Christian home while relating Christian faith and practice to the whole life of the child.

We do this through an integrated Christ-centred curriculum involving teaching from a Christian world view. This is an education that seeks to apply Christian and biblical teaching to each subject area and activity, acknowledging God’s sovereignty in all things, as distinct from a Christian-related education that is manifested only or mainly in specific subject areas or activities. All staff (teaching and non teaching) are expected to demonstrate a Christian worldview in all matters, and to encourage and assist students in their understanding of the same.

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