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The education of young people is both a responsibility and privilege. We are thankful for the school pioneers who overcame many obstacles to both start, and continue, our school. They have laid a foundation for us. At Wellington we believe education is to be done in relationship and partnership between home and school.

We welcome you to explore our school, meet the staff, talk with parents, interact with the students, and discover for yourself the wonderful opportunity you have to be a part of the vision.

School Vision Statement:

Wellington Christian School functions as an extension of the Christian family, providing a Christ-centered education for the students in its care.

The ultimate aim of Wellington Christian School is to help each child reach his or her God-given potential; to develop academically, emotionally, spiritually, physically and socially through a wide range of learning experiences.

Our mission:

To provide students with an excellent education in a caring Christian environment, in which all individuals can realise their potential and be prepared to contribute to God’s world and their society.


To know who we are it can help to know something of our history. Wellington Christian School was started in 1982 by a group of Christian Parents. These passionate parents who wanted school to be a continuation of the principles and values that were taught at home. A small group of parents met together in November 1981 to talk about starting a Christian School in Wellington. On 3rd March 1982 our school started with just 24 students at the Anglican Church Hall. In 1984 the school moved into the first of its new buildings on the present site at Montefiores.

How we operate

Wellington Christian School is not controlled by a church, a denomination or the State Government. We believe parents have the responsibility for raising their children. Our school is a Parent Controlled School overseen by a Board. The Board of the school is elected each year from the Association membership. The Association is officially called “The Christian Parent Controlled School Wellington Limited.” and is a Registered Company. The Board's duties include: interviewing and appointing staff, purchasing and establishing buildings, purchasing the necessary facilities that allow the school to function, financing and administering the school.

The Board meets to deal with the business of the Association and the school. As part of this meeting Board Members discuss with the school leadership the daily life of the school. Time is spent in prayer commending to God, the children, teachers and parents of the school.