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Quality Education K-8

An enthusiasm for learning & personal growth

Christian education is as much about the character and integrity we develop in each child as it is the knowledge and skills we teach.

A key role of our school is to ensure that high standards in behaviour, character and learning are modelled, taught and learnt.

Here at WCS we actively promote an enthusiasm for learning and personal growth opportunities. We aim to help every student reach their God-given potential. Our education not only prepares students for future study or work, but for life itself.

Wellington Christian School provides:

  • Quality Teaching in a safe, nurturing environment
  • Extra curricular activities including woodwork, clay, dance and choir Sporting, cultural, community and academic opportunities
  • Internet based Mathletics for every student
  • A highly experienced Learning Support team to support, extend and enrich academic achievement
  • Interactive whiteboards in the classrooms Leadership training experiences

Things to Know about Wellington Christian School

  • Caters for children from Kindergarten to Year 6
  • Registered and accredited by the NSW Board of Studies
  • Teaches the NSW syllabus
  • Curriculum is taught from a Christian world-and-life view, in a way that teaches discernment and critical thinking

More than education

Christian schools go further than just education. We are a Christ centered organisation, the methods of teaching and content are administered by qualified committed staff, to develop each child's potential to serve the Lord and the community. Students are taught that they have responsibilities to their families, their fellow students, their school community as well as the wider community.  This responsibility requires them to develop the talents they have been given, to the full extent of their ability, whilst displaying an attitude of concern and service to others around them.

Primary School Curriculum
(Kindergarten to Year 6)

The emphasis in Primary School is the development of the basic skills required for further education. Students are encouraged to discover and develop their gifts and talents so that they can work at a standard suited to developing their ability and level of achievement. The K-6 Curriculum addresses each of the Key Learning Areas detailed below.  Our Christian distinctive is addressed in all KLA’s. Devotions are a part of our daily routine.


Composing and responding to text types through Reading, Comprehension, Writing, Talking & Listening, Grammar, Handwriting and Spelling.


Working Mathematically, Number, Patterns & Algebra, Measurement, Data, Space & Geometry.


Drama, Dance, Visual Arts and Music.


integrates the following KLA’s.


Fundamental Movement and Physical Activity, Healthy Choices, Self and Relationships


Biblical Stories, Relationships and Personal & Spiritual Development.


Investigating Scientifically, Designing and Making, The Made Environment, The Natural World.


Change & Continuity, Cultures, Environments and Social Systems & Structures.  Yalmambirra (Indigenous, Society, Culture and Language)

Sporting Opportunities

All students have the opportunity to participate at Local, Zone and State level in Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country and are offered the chance to participate in Sports Exchange programs throughout the year.  These include Cricket, Soccer and Netball.  These are generally with other Christian Schools and our local schools.